Mobile Emergency Clinic

A mobile emergency clinic can gather different specialized medical activities the thus propose a complete screening and care offered, diversified and quickly available in the most remove areas

Top advantages of the new mobile clinic include:

Characteristics of a specialized medical trailer

TrailerNet 2310 kg/Max 3510 kg
FrameReinforced galvanized metal frame with stabilator
Brakes4 wheels braking system for driving and stand still
Spare wheel2 extra standard wheel with tire
Box material50 mm thermal insolated sandwich metal construction
Doors2 back doors open separately with key lock
RampMetal frame with slip resistant aluminum surface
StairsMetal frame with slip resistant metal stairs
Anker stabilization4 lower units, 4 top units with wire hook system
ShelvesBox system for medical supply with transparent storage boxes
ShelvesSecured shelves for heavy medical equipment
ShelvesAdjustable shelves for light medical equipment
StorageAdjustable storage system for equipment and medical supply
Toilet room4 secured box system, Bio-toilet Thetford Campa Potti Qube XGL
Washstand400mmx400 mm stainless steel with water tap
Water cleaningReversed Osmos with 4 filters
Water pumpTBA
TableFolding table 600 mm x 400 mm
Lamps7 LED top light 6400 lumina
Plug-outExternal 380V with 20 meters cable
Plug-outInternal 220V
Generator7,5 kW diesel generator, PowerSUM PD8600SE
Fuse for electricSeparate system for equipment, lighting, conditioner.
Ground connectionLighting system with ground connection
Heating/coolingConditioner with thermostat TAC-09CHSD/XA31
Safety lock system for all equipment under transportation on harsh surface
Fire system1 x 8 kg fire distinguisher

Medical Equipment

  • Surgery table with gynecology option
  • Round seated doctors with wheels
  • Patient chair
  • Surgical kit (Half set for emergency use)
  • Gynecological kit. Disposal kits x 20
  • Portable Defibrillator (MindRay BeneHeart C1A automatic)
  • Cardiograph (Heaco G3D mode switch adult/children)
  • Stetoscope (Multi-functional SPRAGUE RAPPAPORT)
  • Electrocoagulator (EHVA 350M/128B – model 50PX)
  • Portable Oxygen concentrator (HEACO OLV 5 liter)
  • Autoclave for 20 l (Zapovit GP20)
  • Panmed for 2 wings (PANMED -M5)
  • Otoscope set (Reister 2050)
  • Portable ULTRASOUND (based on tablet)
  • Bactericidal irrigatiator-recirculator (ORBE 5-30 – 200 m3/h)
  • Tonometer (LUX MicroLife BP-2A Classic)
  • Pulse oximeters x 5 (JZK-230 one finger Oximeter)
  • Reanimation kit
  • Refrigerator (blood cooler)
  • Walkie-talkie x 3 (Up to 5 km range)
  • Storage boxes for medical supply x 17
  • Blood and bottle holder
  • Laptop Lenovo (V14 G2 ITK, 14″ screen)
  • Wi-Fi-router ZyXEL LTE3301-PLUS (LTE3301-PLUS-EU01V1F)
  • 4G LTE MIMO-antenne RNet 1700-2700 MHz 15 D
  • GPS tracker (Battery 10000 mAh in 180 days)
  • Plastic curtain near entrance
  • Installation of medical electric equipment and testing
  • Installation of IT system
  • Installation of various other equipment
  • Training plan to setup the unit
  • Transportation
  • Certificate to get number plates registration
  • Service documentation

Mobile unit, medical equipment, and installation. Including VAT 47,500 USD

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Advisory Board of Rebild Ukraine.

Jakob Dalhoff
[email protected]

General Director Match Office
Member of Rotary Club Lviv
MsC Finance & Accounting
Professor in Startups at National University Lviv Polytechic

Lars Vestbjerg
[email protected]

President at Danish Business Association
Member of Rotary Club Lviv

Jakob Dalhoff and Lars Vestbjerg has decades of experience of making business in Ukraine.
They are in close contact with the Ukrainian officials to promote foreign investment in Ukraine.